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My child has been placed on a community court order

The court may sentence your child to probation for up to two years. This will involve conditions which your child must obey until the order ends.

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Your child's order may include the following conditions

  • Be of good behaviour

  • Accept the supervision of Juvenile Justice

  • Get a job

  • Go to school

  • Enrol in a course

  • Go to counselling

  • Not associate with certain people.

This order may be unsupervised

  • In this case it will be up to your child to obey the conditions of the order.

  • If the police find your child breaks any condition of this order, they could be arrested and may have to appear before the court again.

This order may be supervised

  • In this case one of the conditions will be that your child accepts the supervision of Juvenile Justice.

  • Once the court has made the order, a conference will be held with the juvenile justice officer involved, applicable family members and your child. All these people will draw up a case plan to address the child's offending behaviour. The support and involvement of parents and family is very important if the plan is to succeed.

  • The officer will conduct regular supervisory sessions with your child and will also maintain contact with you.

  • The officer will support your child in obeying the conditions of the order and where applicable, refer them to other appropriate agencies for various forms of assistance.