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My child has been placed on a community service order

Your child has been given a Community Service Order (CSO) instead of custody

  • The court may order a juvenile offender to perform up to 250 hours of community service depending on age.

  • They will be supervised by a juvenile justice officer who will:
    - Arrange for suitable work for your child
    - Maintain contact with you and your child until the order is completed.

  • The work your child will have to do depends on the job obtained but generally include duties that will enable them to gain acceptable work habits and more confidence.

  • The court order will tell your child which juvenile justice office to contact and when this should be done.

  • If your child is attending school or working during the week the juvenile justice officer will find a suitable placement on nights or weekends.

  • If your child does not perform the duties agreed on, they will return to court and the magistrate may decide to place them in a juvenile justice centre.

  • If your child is given a community service order and is unable to complete the agreed requirements due to poor health or other unforseen problem, you and your child MUST contact the juvenile justice officer for your case.