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Is this job for me? (self assessment tool)

This personal assessment - tool is a series of questions that will help you make an informed decision about whether becoming a Youth Officer is the right career for you. These questions are directly related to the role of a Youth Officer within Juvenile Justice. Please note that if you answer YES to these questions, you will be asked to provide good examples (either verbally or written) where appropriate to support your self-assessment?

  1. Yes No

  2. Yes No

  3. Yes No

  4. Yes No

  5. Yes No

  6. Yes No

  7. Yes No

  8. Yes No

  9. Yes No

  10. Yes No

  11. Yes No

  12. Yes No

  13. Yes No

  14. Yes No

  15. Yes No

  16. Yes No

  17. Yes No

  18. Yes No

  19. Yes No

If you have answered NO to some of the questions you should think carefully about your decision at this time to apply for the position of Youth Officer with Juvenile Justice.

If you answered YES to all these questions, that is a good indication that you should apply to become a Youth Officer within Juvenile Justice NSW.

Please visit to proceed to the online application process.