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Youth Justice Conferencing is a formal, legal process which consolidates a wide range of practices based on restorative principles. It aims to give the victim(s) a voice and allows the offender(s) to address the harm they have caused, rather than dealing with the matter(s) via Court.

This page provides Juvenile Justice Employees and Youth Justice Conference Convenors, involved in the management and administration of Youth Justice Conferences, with the resources to successfully complete their roles and responsibilities in line with the Part 5 of the Young Offenders Act 1997.

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Procedures and supporting documents

Administration of Youth Justice Conferencing

Administration of Youth Justice Conferencing Procedure [PDF, 188kb]

Supporting documentsAlternative file type
Client consent - exchange of information [PDF, 48kb] Client consent - exchange of information [DOC, 90kb]
Running sheet - conference [DOC, 33kb] Running sheet - conference [DOC, 233kb]
Conference script [PDF, 33kb]
Conference venue safety inspection checklist [PDF, 108kb] Conference venue safety inspection checklist [DOC, 111kb]
Convenor checklist [DOC, 69kb] Convenor checklist [DOC, 281kb]
Running sheets with convenor invoice [XLS, 62kb]
Convenor invoice check and calculation sheet [XLS, 53kb]
Home visit assessment [PDF, 79kb]
Running sheet - preparation [PDF, 32kb] Running sheet - preparation [DOC, 231kb]
Convenor personal safety plan [PDF, 58kb] Convenor personal safety plan [DOC, 234kb]
Notice of conference to victim and other participant [Word, 51kb]
Notice of conference to young person (Form 6A) [DOC, 52kb]
Post conference report [PDF, 115kb] Post conference report [DOC, 152kb]
Running sheet - conference [PDF, 33kb] Running sheet - conference [DOC, 243kb]
Program hours attendance sheet [PDF, 33kb]
Timeline [PDF, 187kb]
Conference attendance sheet [PDF, 53kb] Conference attendance sheet  [DOC, 234kb]
​Youth Justice Conferencing Convenor Interview Guide [PDF, 175kb]

Survey/evaluation form [PDF, 29kb]

Appointment of Youth Justice Conferencing Convenor

Appointment of Youth Justice Conferencing Convenor Procedure [PDF, 111kb]

​Supporting documents
​Alternative file type
Convenor attendance for training and meeting expense claim form [PDF, 117kb]
Convenor attendance for training and meeting expense claim form​ [DOC, 56kb]
Recruitment responsibilities overview [PDF, 86kb]

YJC recruitment workflow [DOC, 33kb]

Convenor Reappointment

Convenor Reappointment Procedure [PDF, 121kb]

​Supporting documents
​Alternative file type
​Practice observation report - convenor [PDF, 120kb]
​Practice observation report - convenor [PDF, 230kb]
Preparation observation report - convenor [PDF, 78kb]
​Preparation observation report - convenor [Word, 162kb]
Post exit questionnaire for convenors [PDF, 30kb]​
​Post exit questionnaire for convenors [DOC, 178kb]


Fact sheets