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Strategic review

Youth on Track

In February 2013, the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Greg Smith, launched the Youth on Track program.

Youth on Track is a scheme for identifying and responding to young people at risk of criminal offence or who may already be in the criminal justice system.

The Youth on Track scheme is based on early intervention principles and an interagency approach to the management of the needs of these young people and their families. It is designed to prevent young people from becoming entrenched in criminal behaviour.

A review of the current management of young people at risk of entering the justice system was undertaken in 2010-11. The review included extensive consultation with government and non-government organisations, community groups and others working in the juvenile justice field.

The Youth on Track scheme builds on a number of the important recommendations of that review including the need to focus on intervening early and reducing the problems that make some young people more likely to commit crime.

To find out more about Youth on Track click here.

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Official visitors

The Official Visitor Scheme provides independent monitoring and evaluation of juvenile justice centres operated by Juvenile Justice. Established under the Children (Detention Centres) Act 1987, the scheme ensures the protection of rights, improves advocacy and enhances other forms of assistance related to the welfare and treatment of young people in custody.

Official Visitors have the power to enter and inspect juvenile justice centres and confer privately with any person who is resident, employed or detained at that centre.

Official Visitors report to the Minister for Juvenile Justice regularly, independently of the agency. This includes formal written reports every six months on standards of care relating to detainees' security, welfare and rehabilitation. These reports detail the Official Visitor's concerns and views about the performance of the centre in accordance with the standards set out by the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators' Standards for Juvenile Custodial Facilities.


All contracts that Juvenile Justice enters into with the private sector valued over $150,000 are required to be recorded in the register of government contracts, which is published on the Government tender's website.

The details of each contract is required to be entered into the register within 60 days of the contract coming into effect, and must remain on the register for 30 days or until the contract is complete, which ever is longer.

The Government tenders website also provides details of current tender opportunities in accordance with Premiers Memorandum 2007-01.


Request for Tender (RFT) DJ 2017-181 - Juvenile Justice Rural Residential Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Rehabilitation Services in Coffs Harbour and Dubbo 

The Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice is issuing an open Request for Tender (RFT) through the NSW eTendering website for the continued operation of the Rural Residential Adolescent AOD Rehabilitation Services (the Services) in Coffs Harbour and Dubbo from 1 July 2018- 20 June 2021. 

The Services being purchased through this Request for Tender (RFT) are for the continued operation of the Rural Residential Adolescent AOD Rehabilitation Services in Coffs Harbour and Dubbo. 

The primary objective of the Services is to offer an intensive AOD program in a residential setting to assist young people to address their alcohol and other drug misuse connected with their offending behaviour. 

The Services provide a stable and secure environment where young people are assisted to address anti-social and risk taking behaviours while strengthening interpersonal skills and targets:

  • Young people 13 to 18 years old who have a history of significant AOD use that contributes to their offending behaviour.
  • Young people who have a dual diagnosis, as well as young people on medically supervised detoxification medications.

The Services will continue to be provided in the premises currently being used for this purpose.  The successful Tenderer(s) will be responsible for the management of the services as well as the premises. 

Tenderers may tender for one or both of the locations. Successful tenderer(s) will be expected to comply with the Juvenile Justice RFT Specifications for the Services and implement the X-Roads – A CBT Based Intervention targeting substance misuse for young people

Further information regarding the RFT is available on the NSW eTendering website. All responses to the RFT will be through the NSW eTendering.