Our partners

Juvenile Justice works in partnership with other human services and justice agencies. These include...

Education and Communities

The Department of Education and Communities (DEC) operates education and training units i​n each of the juvenile justice centres so that young people can continue their studies while in custody.

JJ and DEC are committed to work together on the education and training of young people in custody. Both agencies have agreed to deliver programs that:

  • improve detainees' education and training standards and their confidence and skills to re-enter education, training or the workforce after they leave custody,

  • facilitate the building of educational, vocational and training pathways for young people, and

  • support the management of juvenile justice centres.

NSW Justice health

The NSW Justice Health Service provides medical services for young people in detention through clinics in each juvenile justice centre.

NSW Police

Youth Justice Conferencing works directly and collaboratively with NSW Police in fulfilling the agencies' responsibilities for the diversion from court and custody of eligible young people under the Young Offenders Act 1997.

Community organisations

Juvenile Justice maintains a Joint Support Program which engages community organisations to support and assist our young people with the aim of reducing the likelihood of their re-offending.

Some of the key aspects of the Joint Support Program include:

  • An evidence-based approach based on the "what works" principles.
  • Case management which provides a holistic approach to working with young people as individuals.
  • A person-centred service system, placing the young person at the centre of decision making, along with their caseworker and Juvenile Justice staff.
  • Improved collaboration and cooperation between Juvenile Justice and service providers.
  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Improved accountability, outcome measurement and service provider performance measurement.

More information on this program can be found on the Joint Support Program page

Other partners