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​Juvenile Justice​

Juvenile Justice supervises and cares for young offenders in the community and in juvenile justice centres. It provides youth justice conferences for young offenders referred​ by police or the courts.

There are six Juvenile Justice centres across the state which accommodate young offenders and offer health, educational and spiritual services – including individual case management, specialised counselling, and training in job and living skills. There are also 35 Juvenile Justice community offices which provide community-based intervention for young offenders.

In this section you can find out about how Juvenile Justice services and programs support young offenders in getting back on track.



Programs such as traditional Aboriginal paintingFind out about the services offered by Juvenile Justice, including juvenile justice centres and community offices.

Funded services

Juvenile Justice centres

Juvenile Justice community offices

Youth Justice Conferencing


Young people engaged in community service programs such as graffiti removalFind information about programs to support juvenile offenders in getting back on track.

Community services and programs

Young offender programs

Youth on Track