Central office positions

We have varied positions that become available in our Sydney Central Office. That may include:


This branch provides financial management services to the agency.

Human resources

The Human Resources branch consists of Workforce Planning and Development, Workplace Health and Safety and Injury Management, and Employment Relations and Professional Conduct.

Workforce Planning and Development

Oversee outsourced recruitment and employment screening, and manage human resource policies, equity, training and development, including provision of accredited competency based training and management development programs.

Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management

Provide a comprehensive range of support services, injury management and occupational health and safety program management.

Employment Relations and Professional Conduct

This unit is responsible for providing advice to the executive and management on industrial issues and investigation of professional conduct matters.

Information management and technology

The Information Management and Technology Branch provide information technology services at the various locations of the agency. This branch is also responsible for the management of court and operational records (including detainee records) and the provision of statistical information used in the planning and evaluation of agency programs.​

Legal services

Juvenile Justice employs a senior solicitor to provide legal advice to Executive and Operations staff concerning agency operations.

Management services unit

The Management Services Unit provides executive support to the Deputy Chief Executive (Management Services). Core responsibilities include responding to central agency requirements, managing a number of specialist projects within the unit and undertaking Corporate Governance activities.

Office of the Chief Executive

This branch provides coordination of the key corporate functions in support of the Chief Executive, facilitating coordinated communication between key business units and the Chief Executive. It is responsible for ensuring sound business process management, quality control and risk management to enable the highest quality advice to be provided to the Chief Executive and the Minister.

Operations unit

The operations unit consists of various positions with responsibilities including:

  • Developing operational policy and procedures

  • Support to the operations committee

  • Providing operational advice and assistance to community and centre staff

  • Strategic level operational projects

Assets and property management

This branch is responsible for the management of the agency's physical assets and sustainability across the agency.

Programs branch

The unit is responsible for maintenance of professional standards for the coordination and clinical direction of psychological and specialist services to juvenile offenders located in both residential and community based settings. These services include specialist programs for sex offenders, violent offenders and those with alcohol and other drug problems, as well as the Centre-based Psychologist Program, Forensic Psychologist Program and Multi Systemic Therapy Programs.

Research and information

This unit directs the development, monitoring, evaluation and research of quality policies and programs impacting on the agency's strategic directions to ensure the provision of effective and efficient services to juvenile offenders to minimise their re-offending. The branch is also responsible for leading research into young people in juvenile justice and the development of strategic organisational information.

Court logistics, classification and intelligence

This service is responsible for the statewide co-ordination of the movement of juvenile detainees between juvenile justice centres, to and from court and other necessary appointments, such as visits to medical practitioners. The service also co-ordinates the classification, placement and transfer of detainees into juvenile justice centres.

The unit is responsible for the planning, preparation and conduct of security intelligence operations within the agency, including providing advice and strategies for detecting drugs and contraband being trafficked into juvenile justice centres.