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Community services

Program description

The prime focus in the agency's community-based interventions with juvenile offenders is to address their offending behaviour in ways that have been proven to be effective in reducing the risks associated with reoffending and to effectively supervise young offenders as they meet their legal obligations.

To achieve this, services provided from juvenile justice community offices include:

  • Assessment reports prepared to assist courts in determining sentences.

  • Court directed supervision of juvenile offenders placed on good behaviour bonds, probation, community service or parole orders.

  • Support for young people with problems seeking bail or remanded in custody, including court ordered bail supervision.

  • As an alternative to detention, the provision of community-based offending-focussed and developmental programs that specifically address risk factors linked to the individuals offending behaviour.

  • Provision of specialised programs that deliver forensic and other psychological testing, assessment and interventions that include the Sex Offender Program and Violent Offender Program.

  • Casework management and extensive networking with other government and community-based services to link juvenile offenders to the support services they need to stay out of trouble and comply with their legal orders.

  • This can include the individual young offenders participation in specific offending-focussed or other type programs, finding accommodation, dealing with relationship difficulties, finding employment, developing employment skills, and supporting the young person's return to school.