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The Joint Support Program

The Joint Support Program seeks to emphasise outcomes, flexibility and a continuum of service delivery between Juvenile Justice and funded service providers through strong collaboration and case management processes, client-focused strategies and regular review meetings to ensure target outcomes are being achieved.

Target group

The target group for the Joint Support Program is young people under the supervision of Juvenile Justice within the community who have been assessed as having a medium to high risk of offending.

Joint Support Program service types

Juvenile Justice funds the following service types under the Joint Support Program:

  • Casework Support
  • Short Term Crisis Accommodation
  • ​Mentoring

Target Outcomes

Target Outcomes are a key component of the Joint Support Program. A referral to a service provider will specify target outcomes for the individual young person based on a Juvenile Justice assessment and case plan.

Joint Support Program Service Providers

These Organisations are contracted to deliver Joint Support Program services 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2020.​